What We Do

When there is a shared account of events and all parties are ready, we facilitate conversations which address questions about what happened, how come, why me, the harmful impact, allow the opportunity for the person causing the harm to take responsibility for their actions and apologise, and make commitments to what’s needed to move forward and address the harm they have caused.

We deliver this service using Project Restore’s ‘three-legged stool‘ model.

Where there is not a shared account of events, we can discuss an Alternative Resolution and/or Shuttle Mediation option if both parties agree that this process would be beneficial.

We receive feedback constantly from our participants on a case-by-case basis and evolve our process in appropriate individualised ways.





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PRNZ 3-legged model and why its unique

  • Project Restore NZ’s ‘three-legged stool’ model consists of an experienced restorative justice facilitator who has an in‐depth understanding of the dynamics of sexual violence and two specialists – a survivor specialist and a harmful sexual behaviour specialist both of whom have an in‐depth understanding of restorative justice and the dynamics of sexual violence, including the needs of victims/survivors or those who may cause harm through their sexual behaviour.

Videos explaining our work


Below are some testimonials from people who have been involved with Restorative Justice through Project Restore. Most of these testimonials have been obtained through anonymous surveys.

“For me to have gotten this opportunity has brought forgiveness , he sat down looked me in the eye with witness and nowhere to hide, no internal mask. My faith, trust and love for men has begun to be repaired as I no longer dwell in victim hood. I am now able to work on my issues and take personal responsibility. Without this shadow lingering over me, I feel able again ..”
“It was helpful to face the person and get to say what I wanted to say, and what his impact was on me and my colleagues/family. I found this a perfectly organized, and safely run meeting. It more than met my expectations and 995 of my fears proved to be unfounded. It was an empowering experience in so many ways.”
“Very supportive through a tough emotional challenging time.”
Person who cause harm
“I feel it’s been very beneficial to both of us, and it’s offered me the chance to speak up about my offending and the whole situation – something I’ve wanted to do for years but have been unable to.”
Person who caused harm
“It allowed both of us to meet in a way that was as comfortable and safe as possible, which probably couldn’t have happened in any other setting.”
Person who caused harm
”I am writing to acknowledge the exemplary work that you and your Team have facilitated with this whānau.  I have been to many RJ processes however today was exceptional as I observed the restoration of Mana on all whānau members.  It was a privilege for me to be part of this process.  You and your Team make a difference!!!!!!!”
Gaylene Sharman
FFT-CW Cultural Advisor, Ngāpuhi Iwi Social Services
“Gratitude for the service provided for my client who went through the Project Restore process. The facilitators were amazing, and the process has been incredibly healing for both her and [the person who caused harm]. My client has moved forward with her life with so much more confidence and happiness. Her nightmares ceased, she is no longer triggered when she is around the [person who caused harm], and she maintains healthy boundaries within her relationships.”
Conference support
MNZAC and ACC Registered Counsellor
“I couldn’t imagine the offender in my head he was a monster. What I meet was a scared young adult who was brave enough to face us and talk about what happened. It has given me a sense of peace. I started to understand that he was a teenager that stuffed up.”
Support person
“Hearing the impact of the harm was very difficult but very necessary. The accepting of responsibility was important, as was the apology. The victim and offender being able to talk openly about the harm caused (worked well), especially in a voluntary setting outside of the court process”
Support person

Strength and Reconciliation 

A poem from a Survivor about their healing experience

Strength is an interesting thing
How we use it and for what
Who we share it with
And who we throw it at
Today my strength was true
And I clasped it under wing
Allowing it to release gradually
Filling up the air
I found my feet and
My place to stand strong
My toes comfortable in the mud
I then reached
Out to you
This man who abused me
Devastated my life
At such a young age
Felt Papatūānuku’s warmth
And a smile across my face spread
As I reached out with
Something in my hand
It was not hate
It was not fear
It was love
From the generations before me
To the generations that are me
The past to the future
The adult to the child
Who is yet to find his own way
And has hurt others mightily
As he wandered, lost
The gifts of hope
Respect and praise
For this boy
And as I did I knew myself