One woman’s years-long struggle for recognition of the harm ‘revenge porn’ caused her

A woman who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, after a former partner shared a sex video on one of the world’s largest pornography sites, is entitled to help from the Accident Compensation Corporation, a court has ruled.

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Sexual assaults going unreported as victims fear they will be blamed

There is another path to justice for victims. Project Restore is New Zealand’s national provider of restorative justice for harmful sexual behaviour and sexual violence. Facilitator Fiona Landon says we need to address how ineffective the justice system is at meeting the needs of victims of sexual violence.

Of every 100 sexual assaults in Aotearoa, just 10 are reported to police and of those, only one will result in a conviction. Project Restore gives an alternative path for survivors to find justice. Full article available at NewsHub.


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